Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs


"The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the largest association of deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators in the United States, currently representing more than 8,000 sworn law enforcement officers, is pleased to endorse your candidacy for election to the West Hollywood City Council."

Association of  Deputy District Attorneys

“On behalf of the membership of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (LAADDA), we are pleased to endorse your candidacy… LAADDA represents the nearly 900 rank and file deputy district attorneys of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.”

The Center for Freethought Equality

"The Center for Freethought Equality is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association. The Center for Freethought Equality advocates for issues the humanist and atheist community cares about like the separation of church and state, protecting civil liberties, and advancing progressive policies."

Democrats for the Protection of Animals

"Democrats for Protection of Animals is an official, chartered Club within the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. It shall endeavor to stimulate Democrats, or individuals intending to register as Democrats, to be active in promoting the humane treatment of animals by promoting the institution of humane legislation and governmental policy and by increasing public awareness of animal protection issues at city, county, state and federal levels."

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Neighborhood Watch Group Leaders*

Sarah Galarneau - Co-Captain, WeHo Eastside Neighborhood Watch

Craig Williams - Co-Captain, WeHo Eastside Neighborhood Watch

Celia Artinjian - Co-Captain, WeHo Eastside Neighborhood Watch

Mike Carter - Captain, "Owls" Neighborhood Watch

Bobbie Edrick - Co-Captain, Norma Triangle Neighborhood

Jim Banks - Co-Captain, Norma Triangle Neighborhood

Michael Cautillo Co-Captain Tri-West Neighborhood Watch

Robert Steloff, Captain Tri-West Neighborhood Watch


Community Advocates and Activists

Nicholas Roybal - Artist, Resident, and Community Activist

David Reid - Founding Member of ACT UP LA and Creator of AIDSWatch 


Business Community Leaders

Michael Niemeyer - President, Micky’s West Hollywood

Lucian Tudor - CEO, La Bohème

Jason Beck - Owner and Founder of AHHS

Dimitri Kermani - Local Business Owner

Jeff Klein - West Hollywood Business Owner, JK Hotel Group


Commissioners and Board Members*

Elyse Eisenberg - Chair, Business License Commission
                        -  Chair, WeHo Heights Neighborhood Association

Myra Mikie Friedman - former Chair, Disabilities Advisory Board

Raisa Aguf - Russian-Speaking Advisory Board

Stephanie Harker - former Commissioner, Rent Stabilization, Co-founder of Protect Plummer Park

Cathy Blaivas - former Commissioner, Historic Preservation, Co-founder of Protect Plummer Park

Michael King - Commissioner and former Chair, Historic Preservation Commission

Allegra Allison - former Commissioner, Historic Preservation Commission

Patrick Shandrick - former Commissioner, Human Services Commission

Renee Sotile - Commissioner, LGBTQ+ Commission

Kimberly Copeland - former Commissioner, Planning Commission

Lynn Hoopingarner - Commissioner, Planning Commission

Sheila Lightfoot - former Commissioner, Planning Commission

Victor Omelczenko - former Commissioner, Public Facilities Commission
                           - President of West Hollywood Preservation Alliance

Manny Rodriguez - former Commissioner, Public Facilities Commission

Tory Berger - former Chair, Public Safety Commission

Bill Harrison - Public Safety Commissioner

Richard Karliss - Vice-Chair Public Facilities, Recreation, and Infrastructure Commission

Keely Field - VP Outreach, Heart of LA Democratic Club

- LACDP Liaison, Stonewall Democratic Club
- Steering Commitee, Human Rights Campaign-LA
- Former Chair, Women’s Advisory Board, City of West Hollywood


Elected Officials*

Steve Martin - former Mayor and Councilmember, City of West Hollywood

Cynthia Brock - former Councilperson, Ithaca City Council

Arts Community

Joe Mantello - Two-time Tony Award-winner 

Ezra Buzzington - West Hollywood resident and Actor


*All individual titles are for identification purposes only. No organizational endorsements implied.